About Us


DOJO is a different kind of Digital Marketing Agency.  As Marketers & Clients ourselves, we often found ourselves paying agencies for idle resources.  We would engage with smart, creative thinkers but often end up getting more junior production resources working on our projects.  So we created DOJO with the thought that if we created our base with high level marketers & creatives who have been clients in the past then partnered with the best and brightest designers, developers, copy writers, photographers & more, we could provide our clients with better value, better work, and a better experience.

That’s our way, and you can find it at the DOJO.

Who is DOJO?

At DOJO we’ve assembled a network of world-class brand strategists and marketers, award winning creatives and designers, social and digital mavens
along with the nerdiest developers and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet

 Drop by and see for yourself!

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    President and Founding Partner

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    Creative Director & Founding Partner

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    Rick Dow Sr.

    Brand & Retail Strategy, Principal

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    Mike Nead

    VP of Partnership Development