Getting it right.

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A member engagement company that collaborate with payors, providers, disease management companies and medical device manufacturers to design dynamic member experiences to meet their business objectives. Healthtel gets it
right by using a variety of proven communication channels to create individualized conversations and experiences. Each result-driven communication experience builds upon itself, continuously improving to meet your objectives.

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Healthtel was looking for a new website and a facelift to their overall brand to better compete in the member engagement industry.  The website and other materials needed to answer the questions of visitors or prospective customers.  Who is Healthtel, how are they qualified?  What does Healthtel do and how can they help?  Why are they better?

The Results

DOJO created Healthtel a website that told a clear story of how they help large health care companies increase member/patient engagement.  The website increased new business leads, cleared up confusion on Healthtel’s offering and in addition to new sales materials, increased Healthtel’s client base in the first year.

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