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DOJO is a brand building, business growth digital marketing agency in Minneapolis Minnesota. DOJO has helped small businesses with new branding, creating logos, color palettes, and their overall branding structure.

Branding & Logo Development

Logo design and how it fits in to your overall brand messaging.

Brand architecture is the process of getting your brands in a connected order to strengthen your overall branding. Without a coherent brand architecture, your collective brands may be less effective than they could be. You may be spending resources marketing brands that don’t reinforce one another, and your marketing initiatives get watered down and lost in the shuffle. You could be harnessing “brand equity” and making your marketing efforts more efficient.

DOJO can help develop your brand architecture. We will help you create a brand logo & design that fits your industry, product, and audience. We will tie all your brands together with branding exercises and will create a brand guide for your internal team and extended partners to leverage.

DOJO Brand Development


Branding Examples

Logo Design

We like to start by looking at the competitive landscape.  What colors are your competitors using, are they using a lot of the same colors?  Do they use iconography? Is the market largely driven by font based logos?  This helps us determine what elements we can use to make you stand out in a crowd while still looking like you belong.

We use our Logo Design process to select a color palette, fonts, and determine how the end logo will be used (business cards and website, or hats and shirts/uniforms, or even vehicle wraps).  We then provide an initial discovery round with mocks and font types, together we will narrow down options that work and come back with additional versions.  Ultimately we will settle on a new logo for your brand, and create guidelines how to use this logo that you can share with printers, partners and team members.

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