The DOJO Approach

DOJO originated from the minds of clients. Our Approach is different. We could focus on what really matters, and we get things done quickly, all while being hyper responsive to our clients and their needs.

Who is DOJO?

We are a Minneapolis digital marketing agency that focuses on improving your business. We work with all size companies, but we feel our sweet spot is with companies who need a mercenary team of marketing ninjas that can augment your team or just run with your agenda allowing you to focus on what you do best… running your business.

At DOJO we’ve assembled a network of world-class brand strategists and marketers, award winning creatives and designers, social and digital mavens along with the nerdiest developers and some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet.

DOJO Approach
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How Our Approach is Different

We are built differently. Many agencies have large teams with lots of idle resources. Like any business, agencies have busy times, and less busy times. Agencies with large overhead will have no choice but to charge you for these idle resources even if they aren’t working on your project. Or they may charge you, and force a resource you may not need on a project to justify the added expense.

DOJO uses a “bullpen model”. We have 70+ developers, designers, email marketers, SEO specialists and more as part of our “network” of contractors. We have award winning designers who may work full time for other, large scale agencies who have them working on one specific client account. The designer gets bored and uninspired, and comes to us to work on something new & different. That means you never pay for resources not working on your project.

We move fast, and are always conservative with your money. While we have a process we use, we aren’t the type of agency that comes in with big, corny exercises to “stimulate creativity” or learn about your business. We do that on our own time. While those types of discovery exercises can be helpful, particularly for larger companies with big teams, its not who we are. The bulk of our clients are new or emerging growth companies. They have a very specific need, we will gather the information we need, provide our best recommendations, get your approval, and go to work.


Brands built from the inside out.

When beginning a digital marketing project for a client, DOJO starts with the business objective at the center. From there we will support the objective with creative, analysis, and strategy.


DOJO is a different kind of Digital Marketing Agency.  As Marketers & Clients ourselves, we often found ourselves paying agencies for idle resources.  We would engage with smart, creative thinkers but often end up getting more junior production resources working on our projects.  So we created DOJO with the thought that if we created our base with high level marketers & creatives who have been clients in the past then partnered with the best and brightest designers, developers, copy writers, photographers & more, we could provide our clients with better value, better work, and a better experience.

That’s our way, and you can find it at the DOJO.

So, want to find out more about how DOJO can help you?

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