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DOJO is a business growth digital marketing agency in Minneapolis Minnesota. We specialize in Web Design, Brand Development, SEO, Email Marketing and more!

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The science and art of marketing come together at DOJO – beginning with strategies that integrate the creative power of simple ideas into a design of business and brand growth.

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Why We Are Different

Like any agency will tell you, the coordination of our account, creative and planning teams is second-to- none. We have project and creative management systems in place to ensure that all work produced is up to DOJO’s very strict standards. Blah, blah, blah.

What sets us apart, however, are two very simple things: 1. We never put a team on an account that isn’t the best team with the most relevant experience. Most agencies simply assign the team that’s idle. Not us. Because of our Bullpen model, we never have to do that. We can make sure that the team you want is the team you’ll get. Every time.

And 2. We’re a small, independent agency! It’s easy for everyone to coordinate efforts when they can simply get up and walk 10 feet to their teammates office (or if they’re lazy, just yell down the hall). We all work seamlessly together on every project, which allows us to create some pretty amazing work.

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Managed Digital Services

Let Us Make Your Content Updates & Manage Your Website

Is your company’s website difficult to make changes?  Or is your team busy with other projects, while your website is neglected?  DOJO can help!  As part of our Managed Digital Services, we offer routine content updates, as well as plugin & security updates.

It’s important to make sure your website is always up to date with your latest news, products, or service offerings in order to help convert your customers.  Whether you host your website with DOJO or not, we can still help manage and maintain your site on your behalf so you and your team can focus on what’s really important… your business!

We will work with your and your team to get the information that needs to be updated on your website, we will source images and/or graphics to support the content, and then make the updates in a timely fashion (usually same day).  What good is updating your content if its not searchable?  DOJO will make sure all your content is tagged appropriately for SEO, and of time allows, we can even make changes to existing content or create new blog posts on your behalf.  We will also use your monthly hours to help make sure your site’s plugins are up to date, so your site is always running fast and smooth.

Our monthly website management packages start at $200/month.  Contact us to get a free quote to take your site’s monthly management off your plate!

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