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DOJO is a digital marketing agency that specializes in website design in Minneapolis Minnesota. DOJO designs websites that are easy to manage and maintain for to the client once the project is complete.

Website Design & Development in Minneapolis

For existing companies, the #1 reason our clients come to us is they have a website, but it’s too complicated to update, so the client is unable to use it without expensive monthly fees to have someone else manage it. DOJO builds WordPress websites that are easy to maintain, and even build in, for non-web developers.

We developed our own framework within WordPress, that provides clients with drag and drop technology to allow them to make the neccessary changes they need to make their website useful.

We don’t just purchase a WordPress theme and modify it to suit you. We know that over time, your business changes, and you need to add or change things to your website, and your website can be too difficult to manage in a store bought theme. Often times these changes will require a whole redesign to do what you are looking for, which will be costly. Or worse yet, the theme no longer supported and you need to find a developer on your own to make the changes on your website.

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Custom Wordpress Design

Custom WordPress Design & Development

WordPress is one of the most flexible, versatile, and easy-to-use CMS available today, and is perfect for nearly every industry. With over 75 million websites worldwide, WordPress has proven to be more than just a blogging tool. Its a full web CMS (Content Management System) that provides powerful features to build anything you want.

Our team is ready to help you build a WordPress website that your team is able to use and maximize to its full potential!

Just a Sample of our Website Design Portfolio Through the Years

We have been fortunate to work with some amazing partners across all kinds of industries.

Web Hosting

Hosting & Support

It’s important for your site to be hosted with a good, reliable web host.  That said, DOJO is agnostic to your choice, and we can work to set up your site on your existing host, help you choose a host that works for you, or we can host it on your behalf.  We usually recommend WP Engine, which is built specifically for WordPress sites and includes additional benefits such as an additional layer of security, nightly backups and more. We do not charge anything extra above our hosting costs to host your website.

In addition to hosting, we do offer support for your website as well.  This would include things such as WordPress core updates, plugin updates, security updates and scanning, and more routine maintenance.  We can work on a package that works best for your situation.

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