Our Process

D-4 DOJO Creative Process

  • Brand Assessment: Positioning, Expressions, Experience – Differentiation
  • Shopper Journeys and Channel Assessments: Buyers, Influencers, Intermediaries
  • Category Trends and Innovations: Product, Service, Attitudes, Technologies, Communities and Engagement
  • Brand Immersion, Culture Mining and Collaboration
  • Key Insights
  • Creative and Experience Brief: Messaging, Behaviors, Cues and Metrics
  • Creative Development: The Voices of Your People and Customers – Review, Testing, Approvals
  • Launch Plan Development: Internal and External: Influencers, Intermediaries, Consumers
  • Goals and Benchmarks: Analytics, Tracking, Reporting Platforms and Processes
  • Internal Launch: Employees, Strategic Partners – Mission, Purpose, Goals
  • External Launch: Influencers, Intermediaries, Consumers
  • Monitoring: Pre/Post, NPS, ABR, CSI, AAU, Key Initiatives and Programs, Causal Insights
  • Performance and Insight Reporting Implemented
  • Team Leadership: Ongoing Quality Control and Performance Metrics
  • Stakeholder and Consumer Listening and Tracking
  • Frequent Reporting, Updates and Transparency
  • Advance, Adjust and Pivot

“Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.”


Brands built from the inside out.

When beginning a digital marketing project for a client, DOJO starts with the business objective at the center.  From there we will support the objective with creative, analysis, and strategy.