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For over 60 years the Walters family has been providing trash and recycling services to Minnesotans.  From waste disposal to recycling to Roll-off dumpster rental and more, Walters Recycling & Refuse provides quality waste disposal services to the Twin Cities.

Walters slogan is to go “beyond the curb” with unique benefits to their customers like their free Can-Be-Clean service. Walters has grown to one of the top five largest independent waste companies in Minnesota and in the top 100 in the United States. Walters customer base has grown from 200 to 53,000 residential and 3,500 commercial, industrial and roll-off customers.


Walters originally came to us to redesign their logo, and their website. The challenge was to maintain some of the unique identifying aspects of the Walters brand while giving it a fresh new look. Walters has these great shades of green and a bright orange that allow their trucks to stand out in a crowd, and really appeal to kids who get excited to see their garbage man every week. We didn’t want to lose that connection to the community when designing the new logo.

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Walters Recycling Web

The Results

We maintained the lime green and forest green shades that were synonymous with Walters in their first 55+ years, and freshened it up with a circular, arrow to show the recycling/renewable aspects to Walters’ service while also leveraging a bold, yet more modern font treatment.

The logo can appear on the side of Walters trucks along with murals of nature, community involvement and more, further connecting the Walters trucks to the communities they serve.

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