DOJO Wins Agency of the Year Gold In World Masters

It’s been a while since our last post as 2020 closed with some busy projects for us with some great new clients! 2021 has started with a nice surprise for us, as The DOJO Group has been awarded Gold for Agency scores in the World Masters. Ad World Masters are a worldwide agency ranking that uses AI to pull data on agencies and calculate their ranking.

Data is at the core of Ad World Masters. In total, over 160 data points per agency are being processed by their AI algorithm to calculate the Agency Score which represents the quintessence of this data and gives an outlook on the agency’s potential. Agency Scores of awarded agencies are then manually reviewed by the Ad World Masters Team for verification.

Over 10,000 agencies were processed and only .9% of agencies scored Gold or higher.

DOJO Score

DOJO is very proud to be in this group for 2020 and we know we couldn’t have done it without our awesome team, family and clients!  THANK YOU!

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