Spring Update

2021 has been busy so far for DOJO, so its been a while since we provided an update.  While we have been working hard on all sorts of traditional client work, I wanted to take a moment to highlight a non-profit organization we did some work with this year.

Every Third Saturday is an organization that assists veterans in finding new purpose after military service. ETS’s founder Tom McKenna and his wife Jessi started the initiative that gives clothes and life necessities to homeless veterans and other veterans in need.  It all started just by collecting donations of needed items, and then meeting in parking lots and farmers markets Every Third Saturday to give to those veterans in need.

ETS offers more than providing items to these veterans however, they provide life coaching, assistance with employment preparation, and all sorts of things to help those who have given so much to their communities.

ETS Website

ETS has since started “Pop Smoke”. Pop smoke is a campaign that is descriptive in nature. Veterans will know what it means right away. For those of us who are not veterans popping smoke is a term used when a soldier, airman, sailor, or Marine finds him or herself in a dire situation in which they need to be extracted. They pull out a smoke signal and set if off so that helpers, friends, and battle buddies can find them.

Pop Smoke also serves as the title for ETS outreach efforts. ETS has a Pop Smoke outreach vehicle that will attend events around the Twin Cities such as the State Fair, sporting events, job fairs, the 2021 Stand Down and wherever else ETS thinks they can run in to veterans!

Pop Smoke Logo

DOJO worked with ETS to redesign their company website to showcase all that this great organization is doing to help veterans and hopefully provide more information for those looking for help.

DOJO also designed a logo for Pop Smoke to fit their ETS brand family, and so it can become easily recognizable on their website, outreach vehicle and anywhere else the ETS team will be.

If you would like to learn more about Every Third Saturday, check out their website here.  If you would like to donate to help veterans find purpose after their military life, please consider doing so by using the button below (which will take you to their site).

[ult_buttons btn_title=”LEARN MORE ABOUT ETS” btn_link=”url:https%3A%2F%2Feverythirdsaturday.org%2Fdonate%2F|target:_blank” btn_align=”ubtn-center” btn_title_color=”#ffffff” btn_bg_color=”#021537″ btn_bg_color_hover=”#67c663″ icon_size=”32″ btn_icon_pos=”ubtn-sep-icon-at-left” btn_font_size=”desktop:15px;”]

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